THG Blog


I had the opportunity to speak about A Tiny Home for Good at Holy Cross Church  in Dewitt last weekend (big, big thank you). In an effort to encourage people to get involved, I ended my chat stating the obvious: A Tiny Home for Good can only succeed with support and involvement from the Greater Syracuse community. But people can only get involved in a project if they know about it... So, I figured a blog was in order...

The THG blog will have a couple different themes:

  • The Paces: We will walk you through the behind the scenes work at THG;
  • Hardhat Time: Follow along through the construction of our homes;
  • Where They Lay Their Heads: A look at where some of the men and women we hope to house sleep each night;
  • Coffee Conversation: Get to know one of the individuals we hope to house ;
  • Guest Chat: Insight, feedback, and thoughts from interesting people about homelessness, Syracuse, tiny homes, and certainly more. 

We promise to keep you as posted as possible as we take the strides necessary to make this...