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Our People: Dolphus

 Dolphus taking a quick break while working at the site of his new home. 

Dolphus taking a quick break while working at the site of his new home. 

In an effort to share A Tiny Home for Good with the greater Syracuse community (and beyond), it is essential that we introduce the individuals who really breath the life into this organization: the fellas who will be living in our homes. 

Today we'd like to introduce you to Dolphus. Dolphus will be one of our first residents. He is an Army Veteran, a dedicated member of the Brady Faith Center, and one of the longest riding members of Pedal to Possibilities. Below is a short conversation that we had with Dolphus. 

A Tiny Home for Good: Alright Dolphus, thank you for chatting this morning. I am looking forward to learning more about you and introducing you to people who are interested in our homes… So, first question, where is home for you?

 Does not matter the weather. Dolphus is ready to ride. 

Does not matter the weather. Dolphus is ready to ride. 

Dolphus: I like it here. Just Syracuse itself. If I could better my comfort in living here, I would feel better about being here.

THG: Dolphus, what is your favorite childhood memory?

Dolphus: When I was little I got the highest grades, like when I was 16 or 17. Then I started skipping school a lot and I went to the Army after that. 

THG: How did you find yourself in Syracuse?

Dolphus: I had a friend from Rochester who told me about the town. And I just came on my own.

THG: Could you walk me through a day-in-the-life of Dolphus? Talk to me about where you slept last night, where you get breakfast, the day-to-day business.

Dolphus: Well where I slept last night was crashing at a friend’s house who let me stay. Sometimes I’ll go to the Rescue Mission for breakfast but usually I won’t eat breakfast. Last night a guy gave me a hot dog and I don’t like hot dogs but I was hungry so I ate it. Now I am feeling all oily and sick.

THG: Where are a couple places that you particularly like to visit during the day?

Dolphus: Brady Faith Center, of course. And I like to bike just everywhere. Verona and Sylvan Beach are real nice and, if I find different people to go with, I like to go there. It’s nice to get away. 

THG: So Dolphus, on a typical day, what brings you the most joy?

Dolphus: What brings me the most joy? When I am loved. When I know I am being appreciated and concerned. And everybody give me a lot of excitement.

THG: Where do you feel loved?

 Dolphus leading the charge. 

Dolphus leading the charge. 

Dolphus: I feel loved at most places. Church, with people in the community. Just wherever the heart is. Sometimes though I am not myself. You know how the weight is? When you don’t feel the love and then you get out of character. 

THG: Dolphus, on a typical day what is the largest struggle?

Dolphus: Largest struggle? Surviving. Trying to find places, apartments. Trying to get on the places where you can find jobs. I called the State Fair but they said they were all filled up. I’ll keep looking.

THG: Alright Dolphus, last question. What do you hope to achieve before you die?

Dolphus: Success, living. Hoping to get myself together with a house, a relationship, family.  I know I can achieve a lot of things. Survive. To help to the fullest and just, ya know, stay positive.

THG: Alright man, well thank you for taking some time, I really appreciate it.

Glad you all could meet Dolphus. More to come...