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A Super Bowl to Remember

In case you haven’t heard, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl this year; 34 to 28 over the Atlanta Falcons. First Super Bowl to go into overtime. A 25 point comeback. Maybe the best Super Bowl of all-time? By all accounts, an incredible game.

Despite little fanfare and absent media coverage, but important in its own right, A Tiny Home for Good hosted its monthly Residents Dinner on Super Bowl Sunday. The menu: Enchiladas and rice and beans courtesy of board members Bob Dougherty and David Chaplin; with a Super Bowl for dessert.

Tiny homes resident Ted Bauer provided the snacks, lugging 40 pounds of chips, ice cream, and soda on his bicycle. (No biggie for Ted, he has ridden his bicycle across the country four times).  A great lively group of residents, board members, and FOOs (Friends of the Organization) stuck around to watch the game. We ate snacks (thanks Ted), appreciated the big plays (Julian Edelman; enough said), laughed hard at the commercials (Avocados from Mexico), and enjoyed each other’s company.

 Too focused on the game. No time for high quality picture!

Too focused on the game. No time for high quality picture!

Now, I am not a diehard football fan. Probably because I root for the Cleveland Browns…  Still, I appreciated the excitement of this year’s Super Bowl. But what if I had watched it alone? Would the gravity defying catch by Julian Edelman have stoked as much emotion if there was nobody else in the room? Would I have called it quits when the scoreboard read Atlanta 28, New England 3? Would I have laughed at the commercials?

I think we take for granted how important a community is when sharing an experience. The Tiny Home for Good community enhanced this year’s Super Bowl experience for me. I had friends to high-five. I had friends to laugh with. And I had friends to share quite an evening with.

It is our hope at A Tiny Home for Good that our little community can continue to enhance the lives of each person who takes part. Feel free to join us for our monthly dinners (first Sunday of each month) or get in touch to lend a hand building, fundraising, or supporting our residents.   

A one person high-five does not work. And commercials, no matter how funny, are better when viewed with friends.  

-Andrew Lunetta