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A Two-Family Home for Good

We are pleased to introduce the newest home in our growing collection. This property is a two-family home located on the west side of Syracuse. We acquired this home from an interested donor from outside of the city of Syracuse. The house required many renovations, including lots of plaster and lath tear-down, new drywall and wood floor refinishing. We also updated the kitchens, installed new laminate floors, and added new boilers to the house. New heating lines were installed throughout the house as well as new water lines to the second floor. The house proved to include many, many odds and ends, but finally, with a brand new, bright paint job on both the interior and exterior, the house was finished. It officially became a home when a family moved into the downstairs portion. Upstairs, we also created a new office along with a storage space. 

We want to extend a huge thank you to Bob Dougherty, Sean Redmond, Teresa Doherty, David Lunetta, Brian Clarey, along with the students from ESF who spent their Spring Break dedicating their time and energy to this home. Without the help of our volunteers, this construction, and any of our projects, wouldn't be possible. 

We are also prepping to build four more units of tiny homes later this summer. Keep up-to-date on our prep and construction through future blog posts and the upcoming release of our summer newsletter!

-Claire Stackel